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There are countless benefits from joining a cooperative, including sharing the risk and rewards that come with the fluctuations in the agriculture industry.
Blog Update
“Is this an agricultural co-op or a tech company?” This was a question recently posed by “60 Minutes” correspondent Lesley Stahl in a segment about Land O’Lakes, Inc.

Why would a farmer want to join a co-op?

Posted by Claire Lentsch, Mon, December 9

There are countless benefits from joining a cooperative, including sharing the risk and rewards that come with the fluctuations in the agriculture industry. Cooperatives are a unique, powerhouse structures that incorporate diverse expertise to help navigate the markets, project economic fluctuations, and strategically secure the success and wellbeing of the members.


Cooperatives also change the context of competition. Co-ops are based on supporting one another, which presents an interesting phenomenon because it shifts competition into partnership. By combining common goals and working together rather than independently, co-ops create a force of optimization.


As a former of what I’ve found that makes Land O’Lakes incredible is the fact that it is a farmer-owned, Fortune 500 company: a cooperative. This creates a strong sense of community. Many times, when people think of Land O’Lakes, Inc. they immediately categorize it as “the butter company.” Although this is also true, Land O’Lakes is remarkable in the amount of ground it covers across the entire agricultural industry, including Purina, Dairy Foods, Winfield United, Sustain and an affiliated nonprofit focused on international development.


Land O’Lakes is an innovative company that constantly searches out the best and the brightest talent to interact with industry experts in open and constructive collaboration. Conversation ranges from anything and everything under the sun. Land O’Lakes continues to be one of the major players in agriculture today, stretching back almost 100 years.


Exploring Ceres Solutions Cooperative in Indiana through my Global Food Challenge internship was an incredible experience. Everyone I had the pleasure of meeting with clearly had a deep commitment to innovation and teamwork. There are countless projects and initiatives the organization is able to evaluate and pursue together. Each individual brings a unique set of skills and insights to contribute and support the future of the cooperative and agriculture as a whole.


With cooperatives, decisions are easier because there is a certain level of support from experts across the industry. Today, the business world can be cold and unforgiving. By investing in and working with a co-op, a farmer can act with confidence knowing they have a certain level of protection and guidance.


Cooperatives also offer vertical integration. By combining multiple stages of diverse operations within one company and they can thereby creating a strong presence along with several diverse outlets.


Land O’Lakes is on the front lines of innovation, supporting its members and Feeding Human Progress.