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There are countless benefits from joining a cooperative, including sharing the risk and rewards that come with the fluctuations in the agriculture industry.
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“Is this an agricultural co-op or a tech company?” This was a question recently posed by “60 Minutes” correspondent Lesley Stahl in a segment about Land O’Lakes, Inc.

Emerging Leaders Reflect…and Look Ahead, Part 2

Posted by Land O’Lakes, Thu, September 26

Last time, we explored what participants in the 2019 Land O’Lakes Global Food Challenge Emerging Leaders Program learned and how they planned to put those learnings into practice. Here, the Emerging Leaders talk about what made the biggest impressions on them during their travels.


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QUESTION: What was your most memorable experience?

A’YSHA: My most memorable experience happened while we were visiting Tanzania. We visited a farm owned by a woman named Hilda. The love and pride this woman had for her farm was so admirable. She had dairy cows, chickens, and a few other animals, and you could tell she cared for all of them deeply. One of her cows had the same name as me and produced the most milk a day, so I took that as a compliment! The connections I made with people in Tanzania made me feel comfortable and even more excited to share that experience with my friends and family back home.


LOGAN: As an Indiana ag girl, it was memorable to experience just how different agriculture is, not only across the world, but also across the country. Visiting Mid Kansas Cooperative was another highlight. I enjoyed getting to interact with the Kansas farmers and seeing some of the challenges they faced during the growing season. Even being just a few hours away from Indiana, they battle a very different climate than we do in America.


ANNA: My most memorable experience was visiting the farm of a woman named Hilda in Tanzania. She had so much pride in her work and showed a great love for her animals. Her willingness to share her farm with us was wonderful. She also represented a blending of new technology with typical farming practices. Her son is an artificial insemination technician, and Hilda is a prime example of the strides that are being made to improve dairy genetics in Africa.


CLAIRE: Traveling to Africa was the most memorable experience of the summer. It shifted my perspective completely. The people I met in Tanzania were some of the most loving, accepting and appreciative individuals I have ever met.


ERIC: My most memorable experience was traveling to three countries in Africa and seeing the varying levels of agriculture. We began at a Tanzanian farm with one cow, two goats, and a handful of chickens. This family was considered rich by their neighbors because of its access to milk. Then we moved on to another Tanzanian farm in a different region that had four cows and about 15 sheep, and they were much richer than the first farm. We continued to other farms with 40 and then 600 milking cows. What I noticed is that at each level of farm (one cow, four cows, 40 cows and 600 cows), the farmer was exponentially more efficient. We ended our tour with a visit to a South African crop and sheep farm that was close to 8,000 acres in size and had thousands of sheep. It was remarkable to reflect back to six days earlier when the first farm we saw had only one cow and two goats, while this family had a vast amount of wealth.


RILEY: My most meaningful experience was visiting Ceres Solutions in Indiana, where we got to see firsthand the impact the cooperative makes. We toured around the state and met with farmers, learning about the cooperative system and the value that cooperatives bring. 



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