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Growing up on my family’s hobby farm in rural southeast Wisconsin, I developed my passion for agriculture at a young age. My summers were dedicated to prepping show pigs and cattle for our county fair, and the rest of the year I cared for my family’s home-farrowed swine and beef herd. Through long hours of work, often after a tiring sports practice or late at night when I wanted to be doing just about anything else, I gained an appreciation for agriculture and the responsibility farmers have for the people they feed.
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Nestled between the Nsere and Weruweru rivers and on the high mesas surrounding Mount Kilimanjaro lies Two Bridges Farm. Fields sprawl a vast 316 acres, with tall, proud coffee plants swaying in the breeze. As we walked into the main office, we were greeted by the sight of women in bright skirts carrying giant bags of coffee beans on their heads.

Cultivate Community Winners Announced!

Posted by Land O'Lakes, Tue, June 18

In February, we launched the Cultivate Community competition. Open to all college students in the United States, it tasked students and student groups with submitting an idea that and helps feed the surrounding community, no matter how big or small.

John Holm, University of Minnesota winner


The 2019 winners are John Holm, University of Minnesota – Twin Cities and Sadie Short, Becca Montgomery and Sidney Baumgartner, Wartburg College.


The first-place winner, John Holm, entered a proposal to add a youth and senior-focused expansion to the Cedar-Riverside community garden. The project seeks to promote greater involvement in the garden across age ranges to create a more community-focused narrative and encourage accessible healthy eating by allowing the more people in the community to grow their own food. The expansion will provide more space for youth involvement and a raised garden table for the use of elderly and those with mobility limitations. Through the expansion, younger kids will be able to be directly involved with their own food production in their community.


Wartburg Student Winners

The second-place award winners are a group of education majors from Wartburg College. Sadie Short, Becca Montgomery and Sidney Baumgartner entered a proposal for a classroom aquaponics project. Creation of an aquaponics system will provide opportunities for students to see the food production process firsthand, regardless of weather or climate. Three schematic plans for a large, medium or small system can be easily housed in a normal-sized classroom and are designed for students of any age to experiment with plants and aquatic animals.


Land O’Lakes, Inc. and the Global Food Challenge are thrilled to celebrate innovative ideation among young students. These projects especially underscore the importance of education around the farmer-to-fork journey – for young people in early education to the University level.


“These exceptional projects will contribute to the understanding of food security in local communities,” says Morgan Kinross-Wright, vice president of community relations and executive director of the Land O’Lakes, Inc. Foundation. “We look forward to seeing the work come to life and make a difference.”



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