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Growing up on my family’s hobby farm in rural southeast Wisconsin, I developed my passion for agriculture at a young age. My summers were dedicated to prepping show pigs and cattle for our county fair, and the rest of the year I cared for my family’s home-farrowed swine and beef herd. Through long hours of work, often after a tiring sports practice or late at night when I wanted to be doing just about anything else, I gained an appreciation for agriculture and the responsibility farmers have for the people they feed.
Blog Update
Nestled between the Nsere and Weruweru rivers and on the high mesas surrounding Mount Kilimanjaro lies Two Bridges Farm. Fields sprawl a vast 316 acres, with tall, proud coffee plants swaying in the breeze. As we walked into the main office, we were greeted by the sight of women in bright skirts carrying giant bags of coffee beans on their heads.
About The Program

Eligibility Requirements

Interested in applying for the 2018 – 2019 Global Food Challenge internship?

Apply today!

Are you a member of the class of 2021? Are you looking for the opportunity to be a part of our Global Food Challenge Emerging Leaders for Food Security initiative? If so, plan to apply today by learning more about the initiative below. The internship offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for six students from the Class of 2021 to gain experiences outside the classroom during a yearlong initiative. Those experiences include:Paid 12-week summer internship May – August 2019

  • Paid 12-week summer internship May – August 2019
  • All expenses paid to Land O’Lakes headquarters, Land O’Lakes member cooperative, international location, and local site-visits
  • Exploration of real-world agricultural issues through a series of experiential learning opportunities throughout the year and a team consulting project
  • Broad exposure to agribusiness, the Land O’Lakes organization and leadership team
  • Invaluable career development and leadership opportunities
  • Technical and leadership training to enhance your skill sets
  • Work with cross-functional teams to evaluate and drive performance improvements
  • Get a great introduction to Land O’Lakes’ collaborative, fun and engaging culture
  • Experience studying abroad
  • Opportunity to educate others on findings
  • Exposure to a variety of careers in agriculture
  • Networking opportunities
  • Media training
  • Participation in many special events between May and August 2019
  • Serving as an ambassador for agriculture and the food industry


Eligibility Requirements

  1. Expected graduation date of May 2021 or December 2021
  2. Current students from the following universities and colleges are eligible to apply: Alabama A&M University, Iowa State University, Kansas State University, North Carolina A&T University, Northwestern University, Penn State University, Purdue University, The George Washington University, University of Florida, University of Minnesota, and University of Wisconsin-Madison
  3. GPA of 3.0 or higher
  4. Demonstrated involvement and leadership in campus organizations, clubs or student government included in resume
  5. Must be available for 12-week Summer Experience May – August 2019
  6. Must be able to obtain a passport for travel to and within international destinations (location TBD; most likely an African or Middle Eastern nation)
  7. Must be physically capable of international travel to, and short-term residence within, emerging and/or underdeveloped countries, possibly without access to modern amenities of daily life and exposure to extreme weather conditions; must also have the ability to participate in service work, including physical labor
  8. Must be eligible to work in the United States
  9. Must be able to effectively communicate to groups of various sizes, ages and opinions
  10. Must have a strong drive to work hard and be open to new learning opportunities
  11. Must have a strong desire to work in a fast-paced industry and make a difference
  12. Submit videos, assignments and other requested materials at deadlines


Expectations for a Great Internship Experience

  • Work with Land O’Lakes sponsor and take responsibility for initiating three, 30-minute conversations
  • Participate in at least one campus or community speaking opportunity related to the Global Food Challenge experience during the program year – December 2018 – May 2019 (example: panel discussion, keynote speaker, club, organization, etc.)
  • Work on an intern team consulting project while at Land O’Lakes corporateofficeMay – August 2019. This includes:
    • Developing and delivering an actionable proposal to an agricultural or food insecurity challenge
    • Adding value to Land O’Lakes by supporting the organization’s purpose: feeding human progress
    • Helping to find solutions to agricultural and food insecurity as the population grows to 9 billion+ by 2050
  • Final team presentation in August 2019 at internship presentation event
  • Potential to be offered traditional internship with Land O’Lakes, Inc., for summer 2020

I believe no one should have to question access to such a fundamental human need. I feel food becomes less appealing knowing people in the world lack consistent access to it.

- Peyton Russell, Emerging Leader, 2016-2017